How will you and my photographer work together?

Many clients ask us this question and it’s understandable. As wedding videographers we are always battling the stereotype of bulky cameras, cheesy zooms, old school and frankly awful films!

The photography industry has given way to amazing smaller cameras that create cinematic and beautiful footage using prime lenses and simple equipment to create a more pleasing film-like quality to your wedding videos.
As videographers we use highly specialised skills and knowledge to pull off these slick-looking films that we take great pride in.  As a photographer first, I know how to work around other photographers and be respectful of their space and professionalism and be as unobtrusive as possible.

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Ian Scott Photography

Louise Shrigley Wedding Films pride ourselves on giving more to our clients, not just through creative input but through professionalism and politeness. We aim at building relationships with our fellow photographers to get the best out of the day for you, the client, even before the big day.

We’re not the cheapest! Ho,wever we truly believe you get what you pay for in the creative team that you hire for your wedding – whether it be their photography and videography skills or pure patience on the day.

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Ian Scott Photography


Recently we worked with Ian and Emma at on a wedding at Hatfield House and it was such a pleasure working with them. See Emma’s comments below on the day….


“We recently worked with Louise Shrigley on a wedding at Hatfield House.

Louise was professional and discreet and a pleasure to work with. We had recommended Louise to a client of ours and were reassured of her professionalism by hearing she had been in touch with the client to discuss their requirements and run through the details of their day.  They commented on how personable she was.  This makes a huge difference especially when working in collaboration, we look forward to working together in the future.”

Emma x


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Videographer Hertfordshire – working with photographers as a team