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Wedding flat lays tips

Do you love flat lay photography? Have you seen the trend this year for weddings?

Flat lays or product photography consists of a number of items displayed with harmonious compositions.

1 – Shoes

The wedding footwear flat lays are just smashing the 2022 wedding trends headlines.
As of 2022 wedding additions, photographing the wedding shoes after composing a quirky
flat lay composition is considered to be super pinteresty and trendy. Evidently, the
key element of these flat lays remains to be the wedding shoes. To add a finishing touch,
we add perfume bottles, tiny elements of the wedding outfit etc sometimes from our latest
wedding flat lay styling kit. For example, while curating the groom’s flat lay edition,
we would love to add bow ties, pocket squares etc to the composition.

Likewise, for the bride’s flat lay edition, we make sure to add little elements of bridal
jewels or her perfume for the day! To point out, the base for these flat lays is decided
based on a number of factors such as the color of the shoes, the texture of the supporting
props etc. To clarify, we always make it a point to come up with interesting formations
every single time. Edgy, beautiful flat lay wedding photos are a good way to step up the
2022 wedding aesthetics!


2 – Jewelry

Classic Mughal jewels and contemporary diamond accessories are so much fun to work with.
Clearly, we take great care in finalizing an equally royal base for the jewelry flat lays.
Let’s review the snapshots we have showcased here. The Mughal-inspired necklace-earring-set
in the first photo has been neatly placed on a lacey fabric base with absolutely no wrinkles.
To spice up the whole look, we have added a freshly plucked cute flower with its stem and

3- The Rings

Flat lays featuring engagement rings are a mandatory part of any wedding documentation.
A pleasant view of the rings placed together will churn heartwarming memories while
flipping through the final images much later. Hence, we give extreme importance while
composing the engagement ring flat lays. Being small subjects, the rings have to be
crowned with utmost importance while gathering the other props.

flat lay of wedding bridal details, shoes, perfume invite, flowers

4- The invite

Just like engagement rings, we give prime importance to top flat lay invitation designs as
well as wedding flat lays. To point out, we always request the invitation cards of both the
bride and groom’s side for planning some trending invitation flat lay clicks. It is super
exciting to merge both of these cards to form a wholesome composition. From angled shots
and close-ups to wide-angle top shots, there are countless ways to aesthetically present
these flat lays. Evidently, the invitation flat lays acquire so much more definition if we
also add the engagement rings to it.