Videography Styles

Once you have decided that you must hire a wedding videographer its time to choose the correct fit person or company for your wedding. Videographers typically have one or two blended styles and its good to know the difference to assess what you prefer in finding the right fit.

Not only is the style important but if they are available to film your wedding and who fits in with your wedding budget, at the end of the day you get what you pay for and if you go for a big budget company your more likely to get a budget film.

Have a look at the list below to see the main wedding videography styles to see what you prefer….


Cinematic wedding videography mimics the angles, transitions and filters of movies. Videographers that use this style often combine the camera shots with drone shots to emphasise the cinematic feel. Cinematic videographers like to add and an element of storytelling and are less concerned with a linear timeline and are more concerned with the overall feel and emotions of the wedding day. Elemenst to help these films include voiceovers, aerial shots and slow motion.


Storytelling has become very popular recently in wedding videography and often relies on voiceovers to narrate the story of the couple and the day. Some videographers use text, music to create a wedding video more focused on the love story than the aesthetic details. Often storytelling crosses over nicely with the cinematic style.


Documentary films may not be as polished as cinematic videos, The film with be more linear to the actual timings of the day and include as much as possible of the audio and sections of the day such as the ceremony and speeches.


Tradition videographers generally use larger cameras and focus on the ceremony and reception, capturing the day mostly handheld and having a more straightforward approach with the edits. They will use fewer cinematic tools likes drones and gimbals.

Louise Shrigley Wedding Films like to think we are a mix of cinematic and storytelling, I hope you’ll agree!

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to expect when getting ready to work with a professional videographer. Remember, if you have a question, request, or concern, you should always ask! Your videographer wants you to have a beautiful film almost as much as you do, but they may not realize you want to know more if you don’t say. Every client is different.