The Difference Between Wedding Videographers and Wedding Photographers

Originally I was a wedding photographer and transitioned over to Wedding Videography around 6 years ago while I lived in Dubai. I loved the way moving images held more emotion and sound created a whole different aspect.

When I first started filming weddings I was in the mindset of a photographer trying to get all the little details that wedding photographers do, the shoes, the dress, the jewellery etc but I was missing out valuable moments happening around me of the people that were in the room. Over the years I have taken more of a step back and looked for the story that the day brings rather than trying to be a photographer taking moving images. I do still get a few details here and there to add to the story but I will not have a list in my head like I used to have as a photographer. It takes so much longer to focus and get The shot than it does to capture a still, so on a live event such a wedding we have to be more aware of our surroundings and try to capture what we can of the real moments.

The Director vs The Documentor

As a wedding photographer, you must direct your couples to a certain degree depending on their style, especially for the formal group shots etc. As a filmmaker, you can still direct and again this depends on your style, our style is pretty much documentary and a small amount of direction when filming the couples shoot. We like to encourage a moment while walking so it’s not posed and static, the shots will have movement, such as a walk in the gardens of your chosen venue. Posed shots that a photographer covers usually don’t look good on our films so we tend to not film much of them.
We value the candid moments that happen with our couples and guests, capturing the smiles and laughter of the day.


Photographs are for printing and displaying in your home or an album as well as online for people to see. They are pieces of art that your family will cherish for years to come.
A video of your wedding is an experience, you hear the banter from the boys, the girls giggling over some bubbles in the morning preparations, the songs, the laughter and dads speech. Wedding videography literally brings people to tears in a good way reliving the day or watching what you missed as you were living a million miles away.

Stills vs Motion

This is obvious but crucial to understanding how a photographer works as opposed to a videographer. Photographers shoot still images and wait for exact moments such as breaking into a smile and the confetti to flowing.
Videographers shoot motion images and have to anticipate moments to press record or they will lose the shot, videographers will always have extra footage before and after each moment but we would rather have that than miss that time, of course, we can’t always capture every moment but we try our best.

Instant Gratification vs Patience

Its so easy to get instant results when editing photographs, once you adjust your saturation, contrast, levels etc to your style you have a beautiful photograph to share, some need more work in photoshop but for the most part photo editing is not that time consuming compared to video editing. I’m not dissing photographers – remember I am one too and I edited wedding photographs for years.
Videography is very different, you have to look at all the clips and cut out the best bits, add to a timeline, add transitions, music, colour grade and move clips around to either tell a story. Working with video and sound is extremely time-consuming, you need a lot of patience and a powerful computer!!!! Waiting for clips to render and adding filters and effects all take time too. The biggest challenge we have is making sure certain music and speaking is in time with the clips, this can be a nightmare if you make a mistake.
Video editing = Patience!

I hope you enjoyed reading the above