Tips For Finding The Right Videographer For You!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most special days of your life! Were here to capture these important details to encapsulate them into films for you to remember in years to come. Of of the best decisions as a couple is to hire a wedding videographer, believe me – I wish we did!
I personally think the persoanlity of your videographer is just as much important to thei quality fo our films and believe me we get some awesome comments on how relaxed and calm we are on our wedding days.

Here are a few tips to help you decide on who to hire for your day – even if it’s not us!

Photographers Referrals

If your photographer has recommended a few videographers to you it means they have most likely worked with them on many weddings and have built up a team way of working getting the best of the day for both parties. It’s so nice when photographers and videographers work well together and we truly believe it shows in the work.



Seeing your videographers work is the best way to see their films and judge the quality of their work. You can see the different styles everyone offers and one person/company may cover the day very differently.


Friends Referrals

Did your friend recommend their videographer? If so then you will get the best information on them and how they work – if you were at the wedding you would have seen it yourself.



We all need to work within budgets of certain things and a wedding certainly has A LOT to budget for! Find out how much it is for them to be there on your day, what’s included in that day in regards to hours? What films will you get afterward? Are they good value for money?


Videographers Personality

Do you like your photographer? Did you feel a connection with them when you booked them? You must have had a gut feeling that they were the ones to go with!? The same things apply to us as videographers, you need to feel comfortable with us being around on the day with cameras. We have had many couples tell us they felt extremely comfortable in our presence and even felt more calm with us being around. We are also incredibly unobtrusive – as much as possible anyway! Obviously, if we fly a drone at the wedding that’s not particularly unobtrusive but during the ceremony and speeches we like to blend in and capture your day as best we can from the sidelines without running around and being in your face,


The contract/T&C’s

Check what’s covered on the day and what films you will receive. How long will it take to see the films?


Wedding videography is important as your special day needs to be captured. There is just so much happening on a wedding that a groom and a bride can’t really capture all things. In such cases, one needs to make sure that their wedding videographer is able to do that!