How much does a wedding videographer cost?

How much does a wedding video really cost? What is there to consider when choosing your videographer?

The Average Cost Of A Wedding Videographer In The UK

According to Bridebook  the average cost of a wedding video across the UK is £1140 for 2019, varying region to region, London being the highest over £1300. You obviously get what you pay for and paying as little as £500 for a wedding video will show a huge difference in quality compared to those paying over £1000.

Why is our Wedding videography more than the average? 

Luxery v’s Cheap

All weddings are unique, yeah most of them follow some simple flows of the day but generally everyone has individual aspects of their day planned differently. Weddings are live events and you only have one go at capturing the moments that happen, experienced wedding videographers will be better at this than others.
We at Shrigley Wedding Films have over 10 years experience of live events such as weddings and corporate events. Its very important to make sure you choose the right person to cover your one day.

Not every videographer is the same, we all have different strengths and styles.


I’ve worked in this sector for over 10 years now. I’ve seen a lot go right, and some horrible situations too. I feel the key to avoiding disaster is redundancy, and making sure you are well prepared for working at a live event. When your selecting your videographer, it’s worth asking them how they look after your memories both on the day and once it’s on the computer. Some of the budget wedding videographers might not invest heavily in back up’s and robust data storage. Or, on the day to keep costs low they simply record onto a single memory card while we record to 2 cards at the same time and swap one of them out at regular intervals just in case the camera should ever mysteriously go missing. There is also the question about the quality of the backup camera (or if one even exists). For us, we always carry with us a spare camera of the exact same level and quality as our main ones.

We know how much it costs for us to create one of our beautiful films and when we see someone charging less than our cost price we have to wonder… What have they sacrificed in order to achieve that? We have a pretty good idea and it’s a gamble that we are not willing to take with your memories.

For us, we also have our continued investment in training. We like to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques and tend to learn from some of the best the world has to offer and then bring that back home to the UK.

Our videography prices and packages are based on our investment in training, equipment, time and the love that we put into each of our films.

Two Or One Camera Person?

A lot of budget videographers offer two cameras, but with only one operator. In my experience this can mean that one camera is not monitored constantly and can get moved, or go out of focus if the subject moves around.

Whoever you are looking at to film your day ask them how many people will operate the cameras, and what packages they offer. Get all your information in front of you before you make any decisions. A lot of budget videographers offer two cameras, but with only one operator. In my experience this can mean that one camera is not monitored constantly and can get moved, or go out of focus if the subject moves around. The other option is to upgrade and ask them to include a minimum of two camera operators, and find out how much this adds to the cost.

I know a lot of videographers who film solo (and I tip my cap to them). I’m not saying they can’t produce a good film, I’m merely suggesting that filming alone, is more risky based on some of the challenges Danny and myself have had to overcome on a wedding day. I would say that in my experience, if you buy cheap, you usually end up buying again. But with weddings, this is a one time thing. Spending a little more so that you have two camera operators is in my opinion fundamental. I would never film a wedding with less than two cinematographers.

If you are worried about having two videographers and two photographers and that this might make things seem crowded then fear not. It’s very rare that Danny and myself would be together on the day. The only times this happens is for the ceremony, speeches and first dance. For most of the day we are each in different locations capturing those moments you would otherwise have missed.

Two cameras and two cinematographers also means we can always achieve the best angle possible. For example, during the ceremony there is so much going on besides the obvious exchange of vows. You have parents smiling, best men crying and between the two of us we are able to ensure we not only cover the key parts but capture these tiny details that a static camera cannot.

Preserving Your Legacy

A few of our customers have been more inclined to have a film of their day, because they have already lost a love one. I think that in these circumstances, the value of legacy is more understood. If you have lost a loved one, and they did attend your wedding, your film will be almost invaluable to you.

Imagine this, you find a box in the loft full of photographs of your grand parents wedding. That would be so amazing wouldn’t it?. Now imagine, that instead of photos, you find a film complete with sound. You actually get to see and hear them moving around, talking, almost living.

You could say that your wedding film is an investment, in your history, for the generations who follow.

Different Styles

So what style is right for you? You might think that one style is very similar to the next. I however would disagree. There are many different types out there. A popular favourite is the storytelling approach, which is by far my favourite and very much embodied in the film of Wei Wei and Robin. This style uses the parts of the day where there are speeches or talking in the ceremony, over the top of other visuals. It helps to tell a story rather than just document the events that happened. I find this style of editing much more entertaining. It has an amazing feel good factor too.

Other styles include a documentary approach. This type of style is much more linear, and includes a lot of the same type of shots. For example, your film would include a great deal of content of the same subject, like people arriving at the church, and perhaps walking the path to the church multiple times. This style is not particularly creative, and therefore on the cheaper side.

Some videographers might offer you the option to have just the unedited footage of the day. I would only go for this option, if you are technically confident at working with video footage. You would need to find an editing programme you could work with so that you could make something out of all the footage (our platform of choice is Magix Vegas Pro). Considering how much a wedding videographer costs should lead you to the discovery that a lot of the costs are in the work done after the wedding. We’re a bit like an iceberg, what you see on the day is just the tip with most of the work done later. The editing side of it all is a great skill, and if you did get the chance to have a look at the amount of footage you have to work with, you would get an idea where most of the costs go.

Always ask for an example of a longer film to watch at home. This way, you can really get a feel for the style and quality of their work.

In my opinion, it’s about how you feel when you watch someone else’s wedding. If your doing your research into videography, you should watch at lot of examples of weddings. Contact lots of different companies and compare their styles. Always ask for an example of a longer film to watch at home. This way, you can really get a feel for the style and quality of their work. If they can’t provide you with something more than a couple of minutes in length to watch or an example of what they are offering, be cautious. They might not want to, because they know they can’t produce something that’s got the same level of quality throughout. Watching a 3 minute highlight is not really enough of an example. This is why what you see on our website is the same film we provide to our couples.

Choosing someone that doesn’t click well with you is a recipe for disaster. Afterall, you are inviting them to your wedding. The research you do in your planning phase is key. If you don’t have much budget for this area of your wedding, your going to have to think about what you can live with. If you really only want something that’s there to please the parents, then don’t invest heavily. However, if your really keen on having something with great entertainment value, it’s worthwhile spending a little more.

Are You Comfortable Being Filmed?

It is true that the average Joe being filmed, is not something we are used to. It’s not an experience most of us have been through a lot, unless your in the world of media. I am very much an other side of the camera person. I hate seeing myself on film, so I can sympathise with how intimidating it is. That’s not to say you feel that way for long. If you have picked the right person to film your day, they should put you at ease straight away. Even more so if you have met them before the big event. Getting to know someone can make a real difference to how you feel about the camera being in the room with you. You can make sure they understand your boundaries before it’s too late.

Getting to know someone can make a real difference to how you feel about the camera being in the room with you.

As a female videographer (we are rare but we do exist), I get to blend in a bit more than the chaps I think. Especially when it’s time to get the dress on. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve to put you at ease. Your every move isn’t monitored and I don’t wear bright colours so your not immediately drawn to my presence. Helping out where I can is important to me, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with this wedding lark.

I’ve never put the camera at the end of someones nose and said ‘perform’. I’d hate anyone to do that to me. Your most believable performance is the one you naturally give. I really do believe that you should buzz around and do what ever you need to on the day, and I will fit in where I think I can. If I can help in someway, I will. I feel like I’ve done my job right when my customers tell me they hardly noticed me, and that’s how it should be.

What About Social Media And Sharing My Film?

It’s the world we live in these days. Social media is all around us, especially on your wedding day. Some videographers will give you a 30 second Instagram film to share around, which is such a great idea. But there are things to consider. Legal things.

The only subject to bear in mind here, is music. If you have picked the right videographer, they will help to guide you through the minefield of music licensing. Consider checking that the songs they will use in your film are licensed if you’re sharing on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

Trying to get to get any top 40 songs licensed is difficult. There can be so many different companies involved, and the cost are astronomical. However, there are some fantastic choices on websites such as Music Bed, or our personal choice Song Freedom that are timeless and really great. Most of the songs that I have chosen for wedding films come from these sites. In fact, I prefer music from these sources compared to the top 40 hits as they become timeless.