Fanhams Hall Drone footage for your wedding Video

Thinking of having drone footage for your wedding video?

You have seen all the films on Instagram and Youtube but still not sure whether its worth it!?

What is the benefit of drone videography or aerial cinematography?

Why does it have a hefty price?

Read on to get a better idea of what drone videography can be….and when to use it…


What is drone videography?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are equipped with high-resolution cameras. Drones are operated by on the ground by drone rig and camera operators.

A drone can film a wedding venue from a high point to create cinematic shots to compliment your films. There are lots of creative options when shooting with a drone.

There are now several makes of drones available today with them becoming more affordable and popular. The prices vary depending on its features, image sensor, support and stabilization, and interchangeable lenses.


Wedding Teaser of Claire & Jason – Drones were used to film the Teepee setup and venue


How a Drone Can Make Your Wedding Videos Cinematic

If a film is shot entirely from the ground level it tends to quickly get boring for the simple reason that it lacks perspective. A cinematographic perspective can transform an ordinary to the eye event into a breathtaking scene of awe-inspiring beauty!

A drone view from a few hundred feet up dramatically alters the perspective, If you are looking forward to making cinematic wedding videos, look no further than a drone for this one piece of equipment can radically transform the look of your wedding videos!

However there is a limit to how much you should use your drone footage for your films, it needs to be used at the right times and in moderation. Using the footage too often will make your film look like a promo film of your wedding venue.


Cost of Hiring a Professional Drone Videographer

A professional drone filmmaker can either charge a flat fee or a per hour rate for lending his magical skills to your wedding video. A videographer can charge based on his expertise and skill level.

At Louise Shrigley Wedding Films we use our sister company Carbon Hawk to film our wedding venues, sometimes they have time in the day to film some of the guests too.  We use only licensed drone pilots who are fully insured and offer a safe experience.


Highlights film for Louise & Matt – drones were used to create cinematic shots of them during their photo shoot


Is it worth the price?


Our drone pilots are fully insured and licensed with the CAA, therefore they offer safe skills and experience. Then you have the price of the rig itself, we use the DJI INSPIRE 2 professional grade drone for all our aerial coverage.

A wedding is a special event after all. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those grand cinematic shots from the air!

A wedding drone videographer is a must-have for any wedding video to be beautifully breathtaking, for it is he or she who transforms an on-ground event into a star-studded ceremony, lending it a unique eye in the manner of a fairy tale that truly occurs once in a lifetime.

A drone is a remarkable invention; more so when coupled with an imaging camera that has such high a resolution and quality one could easily shoot a Hollywood blockbuster with a little skill and practice.

Like every art, drone filmmaking can take time to master if you intend to achieve a cinematic look for your wedding films.


Laura and Davids Highlight show off the countryside in the Cotswolds where they had their wedding