Anita & Paul

Twenty Ten Clubhouse - Celtic Manor- South Wales


Celtic Manor Wedding Photographer

Twenty Ten clubhouse at The Celtic Manor, South Wales is an elegant venue with stunning views over the world-renowned Twenty Ten Golf Clubhouse.

The luxurious Clubhouse offers the perfect backdrop for your statement wedding.  By day the guests will enjoy stunning views over the course and by night the beautiful interior of Rafters will add to the exclusively elegant wedding that Anita & Paul had.

From the couple……


How did you meet?

I knew of Paul Angell for many years. His car dealership was known to so many. We bought cars from him. However, it was when I went to Barclays Bank in Blackwood that I really got chatting, as I used to pass the garage on the way to work.

What’s more important to you both as a couple?

Time together is important for us and our family. I particularly love to share time with my family. Paul loves his cars, buying, selling, making them clean. I love my photography and creative things but we share them. We incorporate our interests together by (pre covid) going on trips to collect the cars, staying at nice hotels, and having dinner before coming home in some very old car in the morning (ha). Paul is interested in my photography, helping with the studio and if I need a reflector man. Giving my honest good feedback. I work with him on other things for the other business. Basically what I am trying to say is we are a team. Our individual interests and yet our overall interest for each other. It works very well.


What do you love doing?

We just love eating together, drinking wine, sharing holidays. (when we could go), watching tv dramas or films. Trips to pick up cars in all locations and staying overnight is great with dinner and a nice hotel. Paul took me to Barcelona in the early days, where we stayed in hotels in Castelldefels. This is one place that will remain close to our hearts. It is where we love to go. Then Northern France, just going for meals, nice wine, and enjoying the culture. It is about the country and being part of traditional France, or Spain.

In the last few weeks, we have gone back to dancing lessons. We just laugh…
It is just being together for everything that makes it special.


Tell us about the proposal?

The proposal happened and it was all very low-key. Paul was still married at that time and didn’t want to upset his children. So I have had my engagement ring in what seems forever. It was one of the world’s best kept secrets.


Why did you choose the venue?

St Paul’s Church is in our local parish. We previously lived in Oakdale next to the vicarage. It was there that I met Beverley, the vicar who came to take over running the church opposite. Our house was built by Paul on the grounds of the old church hall (where they held the brownies and guides apparently). Subsequently, Beverley baptised me and said that she would marry us in Church. At the time I was shocked as I thought if you were divorced you were unable to get married in church and so pleased that I knew one day I would love her to be able to marry us. Four years ago we moved, Beverley moved even before that to Cardiff. So, we chose St Paul’s in Newbridge and asked if Father Stephen would allow us to use his Church for Beverley to marry us. The Celtic Manor is a beautiful resort, and when I asked them about prices etc, they were so accommodating and kept in touch we felt so happy for our wedding to be handled by them. The Twenty Ten Clubhouse is really wonderful with views over the fields. It is just perfect for us.


Why did you choose us to film your wedding?

I saw Louise’s photography work at Aneirin and Kylie’s wedding. I love the videos. I love the style and so professionalism with everything.



Photographer | LOUISE SHRIGLEY

Florist |Kerry Howells, Buttercup Flowers 07984 886908

Makeup | Lara Champion 0782330005

Hair | Rebecca Rice, Amaryllis Salon Cardiff 02920 373729